Emozional Catering
Emozional Catering

Emozional Catering

Not a traditional catering, but an experience, a succession of emotions, to make your event unforgettable. Corner treated in detail and show cooking with preparation of the dishes under the watchful eye of the guests.In short, an exciting event where the protagonists are the chefs and the ingredients needed to prepare their dishes. It isn’t a usual dinner but a real party that will go on among sips, bites and speeches, leaving a nice memory.

Customize your event with our “Corners”

Corner “Casaro”

The Campania cheese tradition is transformed into a culinary show. Our master cheesemaker will prepare live mozzarella cheese (fior di latte, trecce, treccine) and ricotta cheese to revive the old traditions and offer a moment of gluttony. Real delicacies accompanied by as many specialties from the Campania region such as walnuts, honey, Provolone del Monaco cheese and local capicollo.
There will also be an installation with attention to the smallest details, workstations equipped with dedicated equipment and adorned with typical products.

Corner “Pasta”

Here is another pearl of our territory: the Pasta di Gragnano also known as the YELLOW GOLD.
The chefs and the ingredients necessary to prepare their dishes will be protagonists. Guests will be spectators of a real show cooking, observing the mastery of our chefs during the creation of the dish.
Colors and scents will be the distinctive note of this corner.

Corner “Raw and Sushi”

Our sea becomes the protagonist. Shellfish, fresh fish, sushi and sashimi will be prepared live by our professional operators keeping the flavors and aromas of the sea alive.
There will also be an accurate set-up, workstations with special tanks with ice to guarantee the right temperature and a series of accessories to make everything more original.

Corner “Pizza”

The queen of the table enters the scene: pizza. Always welcome at any time of the event. Our master pizza maker will prepare pizzas of various flavors under the eyes of the guests. The smell of wood and the colors of the ingredients used to prepare it will be the setting.


As in America there is no party without a barbecue and this idea has convinced us too.
Kebabs, ribs, cut black angus cooked on our coals will spread smells and fumes involving and enticing guests.

Corner “Dessert”

A real show for gourmands.
The pastry chef and his tools will accompany most of the event with a real show cooking. The desserts will be completed under the eyes of the guests who will attend the entire creation. This makes it even more anxious to wait for the sweet time.

Corner “Beer”

What’s better than a beer to make a perfect party? Our shabby wooden corner with a two-way Menabrea system gives your guests the possibility to tap a beer at any time during the event.

Cocktail bar

Ready to start dancing? Here is the cocktail bar ready to serve sophisticated drinks from the most classic ones like the Negroni to the more lively and original ones like the Mojito. Our wooden corner is equipped with all the professional accessories necessary for the preparation of cocktails.